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Gas Sales To Europe Up 12.5% yoy

11th January 2017

“According to the most recent data, Gazprom produced 419.07 billion cubic meters of gas in 2016, which was some 11 billion cubic meters more than planned and 0.57 billion cubic meters more than in 2015. We are always responsive to the market demand and extract as much gas as consumers need. However, our production potential exceeds the actual annual output by over 150 billion cubic meters. This allows us to rapidly boost gas supplies within and beyond Russia so as to meet consumption peaks during the winter months.

Gazprom’s gas exports to Europe hit an all-time high for the gas industry in 2016, totaling 179.3 billion cubic meters. Compared to 2015, it is an increase of 12.5 per cent, or 19.9 billion cubic meters in absolute terms, which is commensurate with the volumes we delivered to the U.K. last year, namely 17.8 billion cubic meters. This historic achievement is proof of the surging demand for Russian gas in Europe and our capacity to ensure reliable gas exports in the required amounts.”


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